Into the World of Books

Book publishing is the process of producing pre-published books. Getting a book published, however, is not easy. It takes a lot of work to get an agent and sell your book. The agent sends your manuscript to the publishing company who may buy it. The publishing company then edits your manuscript, creates an interior design for your book, prints it, and markets it accordingly to the buying public. Getting your book published is one of the most difficult undertakings an author can undertake, but for those that are successful, it can really pay off in terms of financial reward.

Publishing takes time because the publisher wants to make sure that your book will sell well. It is very expensive to produce a product — whether it be a book or a CD — but the publisher tries to collect all their costs in advance by selling your book in advance. If your book doesn’t sell well, not only will you lose all that money you paid for the publishing service (a vanity press), but you’ll also be responsible for paying back any money they advanced you.