Tips On Finding A Reputable Air Conditioning Contractor

When you need to have the heating and cooling system in your home repaired, you might be tempted to jump to the yellow pages or the web and reach out to random Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Contractors. You might end up settling for the first one who is immediately available. However, using this method to choose a contractor could end up being a recipe for disaster.

When selecting a heating and cooling contractor, immediate availability is not the only factor to be addressed. There are more essential issues that need to be addressed. Having access to a contractor who can promptly address the problem is vital, particularly when the house is uncomfortably hot because the air conditioning system is malfunctioning. However, randomly choosing a contractor could ultimately result in you being aggravated and spending a ton of money.

Choosing a Reputable Air Conditioning Contractor: Things to Think About

1. Check the contractor’s ratings via the Manteca HVAC Registrar of Contractors, Angie’s List, and the BBB. While Google is valuable, reviews can be manipulated to show favorable reviews for unreliable contractors.

2. Are phone calls professionally and promptly answered during regular working hours? (If contractors are called after hours, and the response is less than stellar, that can be overlooked. This is because it is impossible to control the employees hired by after-hours answering services). Alert the owner or manager of the HVAC Business and report the answering service.

3. If you call outside of regular hours, is your concern addressed in a reasonable time frame? Do they promptly respond with a time they can get to your home?

4. Is a clear timeframe for service provided, and are you informed that as a courtesy, a confirmation call will be made to you before the technician comes to your home?

When The Call Is Scheduled:

• Was a confirmation call made to you? If so, did the dispatcher or technician have a professional demeanor?
• Were they on time? If not, was a courtesy call made to tell you they were running late before the expected arrival time?
• HVAC repair can be an intricate business; therefore, a technician can sometimes take longer to repair than expected. A reputable contractor will value your time and provide as much notice as possible when a project is running long.

When The Technician Reaches Your House:

  • Does the technician arrive on time? If not, where did you call and notify them that they were running late? A reputable air conditioning expert will always value your time.
  • Is their appearance clean, neat, and professional? Does their attire demonstrate professional attention to detail?
  • When the introduction was made, was the technician polite and professional? Was the reason for the visit confirmed? For example, I am here to repair your air conditioning unit?
  • Did they wear shoe covers before going into your home? This is the correct thing for a technician to do, and it is an indication that he has been properly trained to protect and respect your home.
  • Does the technician spend some time to discuss what you are experiencing with your air conditioning system? Do they ask probing questions concerning your air conditioning system and intently listen to your answers? While a well-trained HVAC technician is an expert in repairing your cooling or heating unit, they should also know the value of intently listening to each customer. It might help him make a proper diagnosis; however, this might also alert him to other problems that can be addressed that might otherwise be overlooked if he concentrates on repairing the furnace or air conditioning unit.
  • Once the repair or diagnosis is completed, do they offer to show you the deficiency or problem? Do they show you a photo highlighting why the repair is necessary?
  • Does the technician speak intelligently and professionally about the issue so you can understand what should be done and why it needs to be done. Are you being educated on the issue, and are the findings backed up with diagnostic tools or visual evidence readings? Are they attempting to sell you something?
  • Are they still professional in demeanor if you refuse to buy into their recommendations? A reputable heating and cooling company would never hire technicians who become unprofessional or aggressive when a homeowner opts to decline a recommendation for repair.
  • Do they seek your approval before carrying out anything that would be chargeable outside the diagnostic fee? Ensure no work is ever carried out without your expressed permission.
  • Do they explain the distinction between a proactive repair, one which, in their professional judgment while the unit could still be operational, carrying out this repair will avert future breakdowns that could be more costly. These repairs should never be presented as a ‘must do’ as it is always the customer’s choice. However, if your budget allows, it is typically wise to have the technician perform these types of repairs since they usually end up saving you from paying more in the future.
  • Upon completing the repair or maintenance work, were the defective parts shown to you?
  • Do they clean up afterward, and is your home left in as good condition as when they arrived? Were all the screws placed into the cabinets of the furnace or air conditioner? Were all the covers correctly replaced and left in a weather-tight condition?
  • Does the technician ensure you do not have any questions? If so, are the questions professionally answered?
    Does the technician provide you with an expertly written service ticket outlining the services completed, all the charges, and any suggestions made that you have opted not to have done on that day?

You should not be disappointed if you use the preceding information as a guideline for choosing a quality air conditioning contractor. While a specialist contractor will operate along with these guidelines without any prompting from the homeowner, the guidelines will suddenly identify areas of concern if they do not. It will provide the opportunity to get a second opinion before committing to working with a lazy or an unprofessional contractor.

It should be noted that cost is not an indicator of the professionalism of cooling and heating contractors. Many high-priced contractors have provided their customers with substandard service. There are also small, lower-priced contractors who provide their customers with exceptional service. As such, the cost is not a good gauge of quality.

Regardless of the repair cost, if there is an incorrect diagnosis or if the air conditioning unit is not properly repaired, it will not matter. Go for experts who stand firmly behind their work and inspire confidence that they know what they are doing. Ensure they are willing to provide you with a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee.