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Make your book hook readers from page one and attract the attention of your desired publishers and agents
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You can do it, and we’re going to help.

Does this sound familiar?

After agonizing over how to open your manuscript, you’ve submitted a sample of your work to editors or agents only to be rejected without a request for additional materials.

Maybe you’ve thrown your hat into the ring for contests like Pitch Wars, Pitch to Publication, or Sun vs. Snow, only to see mentors choose other writers while your words go unread, and you're struggling to hold onto hope that anyone will ever
voluntarily read your book?

Perhaps you haven't even gotten to that point and you're straight up overwhelmed at the revision process.

We get it. It sucks.

You’ve spent hundreds of hours getting the plot right. You’ve improved your writing craft, worked with writing groups or critique partners, and you’ve even employed beta readers to hunt down problem areas.

But instead of making your manuscript better, you've just made it different, and you don't know how to fix it.

You KNOW readers would love your book if they could just get past your messy beginning, but you can’t get readers to turn the page.

Maybe you should just scrap the manuscript and give up writing.

Sounds about right?

How would it feel to change that? 

You don't have to be overwhelmed anymore!

What if we showed you how to easily fix your problem areas so you could spend more time getting your manuscript into the right hands to get it published and less time running through ANOTHER round of trial-and-error style revisions?

What if you knew exactly what editors and agents are looking for and be confident that your story fills their desires?

What if you found requests in your inbox instead of rejection?

What if you could get your manuscript closer to publication so you can spend your time during the submission process writing something NEW instead of revising and revising... and revising?

Doesn't your manuscript deserve the best chance you can give it?

We believe it does. We believe your manuscript can be one of the greats.

My story starts long before the opening of FVP when I was buried in rejection letters of my own. I could pitch the heck out of my manuscripts, but when partial requests never turned into fulls, and my inbox filled with a rainbow of rejections, I made it my mission to fix the root of the problem: the opening of my manuscripts.

Now, I’ve helped multiple authors publish their books (all award winners), with 2 more to come before the end of March in multiple countries and another 2 before summer with yet more on the docket, my own piece of non-fiction among the bunch (an entrepreneurial book that is so anticipated I’ve released sample chapters to CEOs and business owners to great applause). 

I’ve helped our books receive Reader’s Favorite 5-star awards, 1st place for nonfiction in the San Francisco Writer’s Conference, shortlist for the Chanticleer International Book Awards for Historical Fiction, and nominations for the Young Lion’s Fiction Award and the Texas Institute of Letters Award for New Fiction.

Like you, I started at zero with nothing more than a story and a dream. I spent years experimenting and educating myself in order to develop techniques that hook a reader from page one. Once the essential points of a story clicked and I figured out how to properly open a manuscript, my possibilities went from slim to infinite, and yours can, too.

Then, I employed the best in the industry, and together, we're going to infuse our expertise into YOU and turn your manuscript into a request magnet so we can get the offers rolling in!

Imagine changing the entire trajectory of your writing career by making one simple decision to invest in yourself.

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What Makes Reboot Your Opening Different?

This isn’t some program you’ll buy that will sit in your inbox because there isn’t anyone on the other end to hold your feet to the fire. With 6 weeks of active participation, you'll come away with more than just a theory on what to do, you'll have 15,000 words of a FINISHED PRODUCT.

In this program, we’ll cover the essential elements of a best-selling story, arm you with the tools you need to self-edit, and we’ll walk you through TWO professional edits on the first 15,000 words of your manuscript.

As a BONUS, we’ll also help you polish your query and construct a synopsis that works without making you bonkers.

At the end of the program, you’ll have a package you’ll be eager and proud to submit to any editor or agent. Most importantly, you’ll have the know-how to construct a great opening for the rest of your writing career.

What Others Are Saying:

Hester Fox @HesterBFox

Author of the forthcoming The Witch of Willow Hall;  rep'd by @jdystel

"Myra has a real talent for making writing pop. I came to her completely overwhelmed, and she was able to step back from my project, zero in on what wasn't working, and give me practical guidance and lots of prompts to get me thinking about it from different angles. She is approachable and warm, and a real joy to work with! 

Taylor Tracy @tayberryjelly

Author, Blogger

Myra is the type of editor every writer needs. She is enthusiastic about the projects she loves and can spot the knots in a manuscript. She is someone you will be excited to get feedback from, because she's a pro at telling you what you did well and what didn't work. She gave me the tools, encouragement, and self-confidence to push forward through the editing process and take my manuscript to the next step.

Alice Mullen @Blue_Turtledog

Author, Artist

"Myra is a solid writer with a knack for concise language and a keen understanding of character motivation. In her reading of my novel, she gave me clear, actionable advice on how to improve the work and better connect with readers. I'd recommend working with her.

What You'll Discover in this 6-Week Course:

With over 35 years of experience between the members of the editorial team, you won’t leave the course without a stunning opening and the tools you need to make the rest of your manuscript match.

Over the 6 weeks, you’ll receive…

  • 1 video lesson per week for 6 weeks
    with accompanying transcripted text, so you can absorb the lesson without having to frantically take notes
  • 6 weeks of companion workbooks for you to fill out at your leisure to maximize your learning
  • 2 professional editorial passes through your first 15,000 words
  • An editorial pass through your query letter
  • 8 designated hours* of office time available each week for your questions
            * specific hours provided before the class with flexibility for your schedule.
  • 30-minute call or video chat (or messenger chat if you’re camera/phone shy) at the end to ask any lingering questions
  • Bonus videos, templates, worksheets, and MORE!

Let's Secure Your Seat NOW!

   Instead of wasting hours by meandering through another set of revisions…

   Instead of rewriting the opening of your manuscript again... and again…

   Instead of scouring the dark hole of the interwebs in search of the perfect technique among hundreds of countering opinions…

   …Find everything you need in one place and then directly apply it to your work with two rounds of edits and plenty of  workshopping!

   Imagine when we help you figure out how to make your story ZING again, renewing your passion for it, and unpeeling the layers of awesomeness you haven't let shine!

   Imagine when you have the tools to dissect the layers of a compelling story and can INSTANTLY incorporate them into your manuscript, developing your prose and refining your storytelling abilities which will last you your ENTIRE writing career!

   Imagine when your opening works for you and your query sells the book without any finger-crossing, enchantments, bribery, or rain dancing to the gods of publication!

   Imagine when your book gets published and you can spend more time writing another one!

You're READY for this program if:

  • You're sick of the trial-and-error and want actionable direction that leads you toward publication.
  • You're eager to take critiques to make your writing better.
  • You're tired of wasting your chances with agents and acquisition editors by pitching a manuscript that isn't ready.
  • You want to save hundreds of hours in the revision process so you can get this manuscript published and spend your time writing something new.
  • You want to save thousands of dollars on editorial services so you can spend your money traveling to conventions or building your website or buying a year supply of coffee to replenish the one you drank last year drafting the story.
  • You don't want your manuscript collecting eDust on your computer... you want it in the hands of readers!

You're NOT ready for this program if:

  • You think you're writing and your story are already perfect and resist critiques and change.
  • You want us to do all the work for you (we could, but it wouldn't change your writing career for the long run).
  • You're not serious about writing and just want to type out a few stories as a hobby.

 Think you’re discouraged now?

Just wait a year or two (or ten). 
If you don’t make a commitment to move beyond your current writing level and show up for yourself in that commitment, you may never get lucky enough to catch your reader’s eye and your story will be stuck on a page no one wants to read.

Let's fix that and get you started on your journey toward publication TODAY.

Amy Bledsoe @amykbledsoe

"Myra beta read a young adult book of mine, and I was amazed at the pages of detailed feedback I received from her, from big picture thoughts to small picture details that I may not have ever seen. She touched on dialogue, pacing, plot, and much more. I was so grateful for the attention she gave my manuscript."

Ready to Get Started?


Once again, you’ll get:

 6 weeks of video lessons with accompanying text - $350 value

 6 weeks of companion workbooks - $100 value

 2 professional editorial passes through your first 15,000 words - $450 value

 An editorial pass through your query letter - $50 value

 8 designated hours* of office time available each week for your questions – Included at no charge because the editors for this class are available to help you hone your voice, progress your story, and advise you on the next steps of your writing career.
                * specific hours provided before the class with flexibility for your schedule.

 30-minute call or video chat - $50 value

 PLUS, all 5 bonuses listed above – $249 value

 That’s a combined total of $1,249.00 worth of content

   At a value of $1,249.00, Reboot Your Opening would be the most pocket-friendly investment you could make to take your   writing career to the next level.

 But look…

   The power of education is infinite. So much so that even upon completion of a bachelor’s degree, many students continue for 2-3   years pursuing a postgraduate study in writing. The average MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Creative Writing at a public university   costs $30,000![1]


   This course doesn’t compare to an MFA, but it will give you exactly what you need to get your manuscript publishable and set you up   for future success... and in just 6 weeks.

But because the financial portion of your career as a writer
should be focused on making money, not spending it,
we’re slashing your investment by more than 55%,
so you’ll pay only $560.00.

BUT, because the class from April 16th through June 1st, 2018 is our first class, we’re offering a special BETA PRICE for all participants at 72% off!
In exchange for bearing with us as we work out the logistical details,
you’ll get the entire bundle for just $349.00!

(that's a savings of $900!)

To maximize the impact for each student, we will cap each class at only 10 participants.

So, if you’re ready to stop toiling and start making changes, ACT NOW.

Ready to Get Started?

Other courses ship into your email without any accountability, interaction, or input, leaving you to wonder if you’re getting the material right. 

Other courses teach in broad, unrelatable ways, leaving you to figure out how to implement the information.

We cover all the vital components of a great story in Reboot Your Opening AND help you implement those elements in your own story by providing real-time feedback on what’s working for you and what’s not.

Trish Knox @TrishWrites1

"I've been fortunate to have Myra's skillful direction and intuition to critique my manuscripts. With her expert guidance, you will see the results as you develop your writing craft. You can count on Myra being as dedicated to your manuscript as you are. She takes the time to get to know your characters; in fact, you'll swear she's in your character's head. She'll weight in on plot holes and voices as well as character development, diving into the nuances of what your manuscript needs to get it query-ready. She's also a talented query and synopsis writing coach (I call her the query whisperer)."

Looking for bonuses? Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive guide to using your query to find your REAL story
  • Instructions on training your brain to find and fix plot holes
  • A printable list of vital line edits for the rest of your manuscript
  • A checklist for beta reading like a pro (which you can give to your future beta readers!)
  • A guide to platform building and marketing that will develop your following into a tool you can use to sell yourself to editors and agents (yes, we check to see how far of a reach you have!)

Valued at $249 collectively, these bonuses will be sprinkled in with your lessons at no additional cost.

Let's Secure Your Seat NOW!

Okay, so I’ll come out of this course with a beautiful opening to my manuscript and a tantalizing query, but then what?

Maybe you’re not sure where to send that gorgeous submission package of yours.

You could spend days begging search engines to connect you with the perfect sci-fi publisher for your Andre Norton-esque YA monster book, or asking every pastor you know whether they think you should query Lifeway or Baker Books. You could rehash last year’s PitMad tweets to see if you get any new bites. Or you could take advantage of our editorial team’s years of industry research and let us provide you with a list of ten editors and agents that we feel would be a good match for your manuscript.

After all, what good is a fantastic story, told well and paired with an eye-widening query letter, if you don’t know where to send it?

With the SUBMIT MY STORY add on, you’ll receive:

  • A hand-picked list of ten editors or agents that our team believes may be interested in your manuscript
  • You choose: editors, agents, or a mix
  • A helpful guide to the technical details of submission, including insider tips on how NOT to end up on an editor’s back burner
  • Contact information, website links to submission guidelines, and any recommendations we think might help you win with that specific contact

This addon package would save you oodles of time if you even knew where to start. Getting to that starting block took us years of industry research. If you are lost on how to find publishers interested in your genre, let us do the heavy lifting.

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What happens after I click 'buy'?


First, you will secure your spot in the LIMITED class!

Then, you will find an introductory email in your inbox within the first 24 hours after purchasing the course. The email includes everything you need to prepare before the class on April 16th, including what’s due when, the syllabus, as well as a guide on how to mentally prepare for the course. Other than gathering the required materials (including the finished opening of your book and a query), there’s no need to do anything before the class begins. You’ve done enough work on your own without guidance!

You’ll also get ANOTHER BONUS of downloadable worksheets, checklists, and other PDFs once a week until the class begins. The sooner you secure your spot, the more downloads you receive!

And don’t forget, we’re only taking 10 students per class, so don’t wait or your spot could be taken.

Will this work for me if I’m a beginner? Like a beginner beginner?


Of course! There’s no better time to learn something than before you’ve clouded your vision with a bunch of bad habits. We’ll walk you through exactly what you need to know to become the blossoming, abundant writer you’ve always dreamed of being.

But I’ve been writing for a long time. Will I learn anything new?

Are you published yet? Have you broken the top 10,000 books on Amazon in sales for your category, or seen your book in stores on a non-consignment basis? No? Then it doesn’t matter if you’ve been writing for 2 years or 20. If you want to bring your writing up a notch and perfect the opening of your story, then the Reboot Your Opening 6-week course is for you.

The best part about this class is that it’s yours to keep! Even after you’ve gone through the material, you can hit it all over again a year or two down the road with a new project (minus the editing, unless you re-attend the class). Each time you run through the material, at various stages in your writing career, you’ll learn something new and understand the information differently.

If I plan to self-publish, what will I get instead of help with my submission materials?

If you’ve decided to self-publish your book, we support you!

But, we also want you to make it as perfect as can be before releasing it to the world. Just like grabbing the attention of an editor or agent, if you can’t hook your reader and keep them sucked in from the start, you aren’t going to get the reviews, the sales, or the success you desire. Let us help you get those first 15,000 words right so your readers won’t put the rest of the book down.

If you aren’t going to pitch your manuscript to an editor or agent, instead of helping with your query, we’ll assist with the blurb for your back cover.

A synopsis will still be required as a tool to assist us in helping you start on the right beat of your story.

What’s the guarantee I will get results?

Like the rest of the publishing industry, the results you get will be directly impacted by the effort you put in. If you’re only here to get your grammar checked, hire a copy editor. If you’re here to dig in, take the critiques to heart, truly listen to what we say is working for you, and implement changes to turn your manuscript from good to great, then you’ll see results that match your efforts and the outside results (i.e. offers of publication or representation, or increased indie pub book sales) will also align.

Couldn't I just hire an editor for the first 15,000 words of my manuscript?

 Sure you could. But, in addition to missing out on all the rest of the education this class has to offer, you aren’t likely going to find an editor for a  publishing company as they aren’t directly for hire outside of their company. Editing for the intention of publication is different than just hiring an editor to polish your work.

What if I buy Reboot Your Opening and don’t like it?

Please check our refund policy below. We are so confident in your satisfaction that we will provide a full refund if you don’t feel the class changed your writing for the better.

Have more questions? Let us know at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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