Q- Can I submit to you if I am simultaneously submitting my work to literary agents?

  • We ask that you refrain, and here’s why:
  • Putting yourself out there into the world of publishing can be both daunting and confusing. At FVP, we understand that submitting can mean rejection; it’s all a part of the process. And with rejection, it’s easy to see submissions as a numbers game, spreading your work as wide as possible, hoping for a bite.
  • You don’t have to have all the answers before you begin, but you should have a clear vision for where you want your writing career to go. Whether your goal is to have an agent who gets your manuscript in the hands of large press editors, or you want to be hands-on with a small press publisher, it’s your job as a writer to choose a path. When you start submitting to both, it can be an indication that you are unclear of your intended path.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of publishing with a small press publisher versus seeking an agent or self-publishing. Make a decision that is right for you.


Q-Do you accept submissions from literary agents?

  • Yes!


Q- Do I have to pay for anything?

  • No. We are not a Vanity Publisher or a Self-Publishing company in a mask. Just like the big guys, we are looking for authors to invest in. That means we pay for design, editing, producing, and all other costs of print.


Q- Do you pay advance?

  • We currently pay in royalties. And again, we do not charge for publishing.


Q- What services are included when you sign on a new writer?

  • We provide the basics: editing, design, counsel, and the grid to your marketing plan. We will do whatever we need to do to  help get your career off the ground, contributing to author promotions, and guiding you to participate in marketing and campaigns. FVP will make an effective plan that is specific to you and your book.


Q- Do I keep the rights to my work?

  • As your publisher, we will hold and manage the applicable rights to your work. We will not ask for rights of which we will not use (foreign rights or film rights, for instance). Should anything ever happen to us as a company—we are not anticipating such, but need to be prepared for anything with you in mind—we will immediately return all rights to you.


Q- Do you accept series?

  • We love series!


Q- What don’t you publish?

  • We currently do not work with novellas, poetry, kid’s literature, or previously published work, which includes previously self-published pieces. For more information about submissions, visit our submissions page.


Q- Should my work be copyrighted before I submit to you?

  • There is no need. You are fully protected by copyright law from the moment you fix your tangible work; in other words, when you write your words down. If we love your writing, we will publish it and have it copyrighted in your name. It’s much easier than pretending it’s our own. We would never risk our reputation with foul play.


Q- Is FVP an accredited part of the publishing industry?

  • Not yet! We’ll be honest. We are new. We are not yet accredited as members of AW, AAP, or even the BBB, and we mostly exist in the imaginations of our team. However, we plan to grow our list of books and authors slowly and professionally, giving every aspect of the publishing process the attention and creative flexibility needed to prove our worth in the industry. We open ourselves to scrutiny from other writing, editing, and publishing professionals, and hold our standards very high, placing an emphasis on author satisfaction and sales. Our commitment, first and foremost, is to our family of authors. If we do right by you—helping you build the best career possible—our credits will follow.

Q- What do you like to see in the query, the synopsis, and the word count for submissions?

  • Funny you should ask… For further instructions on what we like to see in your query, synopsis, and word count, CLICK HERE for a comprehensive breakdown written by our Acquisitions Editor, C.L. Rose!

Have another question? Please ask! We are available for questions at submissions@fillesvertespublishing.com. Address your email with “Attn:Myra” in the subject line for a quick response.

If you plan to submit to FVP, we want you to be as informed as possible.