Time Travel Ahead of the Learning Curve

“If you want to stay up at night thinking about time travel, Chris Barnham is your man.”
Joe Stech, Publisher/editor-in-chief of Compelling Science Fiction Magazine

It’s fitting that we’ve dropped our latest title, Fifty-One by Chris Barnham, in the US yesterday. Although the book won’t come out in the London author’s country until next month, he has been actively engaging in social media and blog posts to help promote his new book, and the effects are apparent as we were overjoyed (not overwhelmed) with orders all day.

I say it’s “fitting” because Filles Vertes Publishing coincidentally launched the official sale of our new course yesterday, as well; a 6-week workshop that will “time travel” you ahead of the learning curve you’re stuck on. If you’re a writer (and most of our News readers are), you know how hard it is to pin down the correct beats of your opening. We know, too. We read a ridiculous amount of openings (over 260 submissions in January 2018 alone), and most of them don’t start on the right beat.

Is yours one of them?

It took me years (and years and years…) to figure out how to make the opening of a book work. I’m going to teach 10 people how to do it in just 6 weeks. I mean, don’t halt your duplication of the Back to the Future DeLorean just yet, but I may have broken the time-space continuum with this time traveling logic.


If you’ve been submitting for a while and you’re not getting any full requests…

If you have to preface readers with a phrase similar to, “The opening is rough, but TRUST ME, the story gets good!”…

If you’d like to know what it’s like to get full requests, offers of representation or publication, or even just to hear the words, “Oh my gawd, your book is SOOOOOO good,” then check out the course page to see if we’d be a good fit!

A few of the seats are already reserved, so if you’d like to be one of the 10 students for this journey, then put some hustle in your browsing and <CLICK HERE> now.

But don’t worry… Even if the class is limited, we have plenty of copies of Fifty-One to share. If you’re just here for the reading, we’ve got you covered with amazing books.

We’re going to recommend ordering directly from us first (duh):
at https://www.fillesvertespublishing.com/product/fifty-one-chris-barnham/

or get it on Amazon at:

The more books you order from small presses, the more books we can afford to publish.

Whether you want to support the future of small press by purchasing great books or you want to secure your future in writing by attending a career-changing course, let’s get you started today.

We appreciate the support and always seek to offer it in return! How can we be supporting you? Drop a comment!

Happy Writing,

Myra Fiacco
Owner/Editorial Director
Filles Vertes Publishing, LLC


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