5 Publishing Truths

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I started Filles Vertes Publishing to empower writers and provide a platform for lost words and eager talent.

“Small Press, Big Heart”

Having hit our one-year mark in December, we’ve learned a thing or two about the industry. Just “wanting it” isn’t enough, and neither is luck. What makes a small press successful? Here are the top five things I know to be true about the work I call home:

1) Writers are the most important people in the industry. Don’t quit! Without you, we don’t have a reason to exist. Please remember that when opening a rejection letter or finding yet more errors in a chapter you’ve rewritten nine times and edited six. I’ve been there; I get it. Sometimes it feels like you’ll never make it, but if you get discouraged and stop, you take away our reason to operate.

2) There is a formula we structure our day around:

Great book + eager author + the author’s network + the right editor and publisher (sometimes we truly aren’t the right publisher for you, it’s not an excuse) + promotion + persistence + the right industry timing = good book sales.

You can help provide a few of those items but making it work is a team effort. It takes a lot of determination—just ask our authors. But together, we can rise to change the landscape of publishing and put amazing books out to the world.

3) Authors build their readership over time. Networking and promotion is key to any author career, but it doesn’t happen overnight and isn’t a byproduct of having your book in print. You must be intentional about building a readership; you can’t start too soon, you can’t network enough, and you should always maintain promotion as a part of your daily routine.

Write every day, promote every day.

4) Editors spend our free time pursuing you. Acquiring a new book from the beginning (submission) to the end (signed contract) is a lengthy process—and that’s before we do any work on the book and prep it for publication. This devoted time is our jam, otherwise why would be here? Combing through hundreds of submissions and reading dozens of manuscripts may not sound like fun to many, but holy moly, it gets our heart racing! It also takes time, so your patience is appreciated.

5) It isn’t money that makes a publisher great; it’s passion. And it isn’t the work that makes all this happen; it’s the people. The last thing that Filles Vertes Publishing will ever be is a machine that impassively pumps out books. Of course, making money is important for sustaining both your career and ours—without income, we cannot properly pursue our desires—but the dollar sign doesn’t come first.

So, while you’re working your way through your journey to publication,
we’d love to know what you’d like to learn.
What do you need to know?
How can we support you?
Leave a comment, and we’ll connect.

With such a limited amount of works we can publish each year (approx. 8-12), how can yours rise to the top of our submissions box? We’ll talk about it next week! Stay tuned.

Even if you’ve submitted to us and we aren’t a great fit, I encourage you to stick around. I didn’t start this company to only reach 8-12 authors a year. We strive to encourage, support, and inspire an entire network of people, and hope you’ll be a part of it!


Happy Writing;

Myra Fiacco

Owner/Editorial Director


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