Special Announcement

When was the last time a special announcement meant possible publication for you?! Don’t waste time thinking about that. Just keep reading…

In honor of FVP’s freshman year of operation, we are gathering the greatness of our authors, our staff, and even a few of our interns to print a short story anthology in early 2018. Because we believe that our success balances on the ability to help ensure the success of authors like you, we want to include you on the fun.

We’ll be running a short story contest between September 25th and September 30th with 3 prizes of publication! All you have to do is submit a short story no longer than 7,500 words to us within that window, following the rules below.

Only the first 100 submissions will be accepted. Please follow us on Twitter @FillesVertesPub to watch for how the numbers are shaping up as they come in to assure you have the opportunity to enter before the contest is full.

What are the prizes, exactly?


1st Prize: Publication of your short story + *a sub package evaluation + a 30 minutes phone consultation with FVP Owner, Myra Fiacco, about your writing and writing career + coupon code**

(It doesn’t hurt to note that one of our October releases stemmed from a prize like this one; a sub package evaluation that turned into a request and contract for publication.)

2nd Prize: Publication of your short story + *a sub package evaluation + coupon code**

3rd Prize: Publication of your short story + coupon code

(All prizes ALSO include a copy of the anthology, publication credits, and optional bragging rights.)

*A Sub Package Evaluation is a critique on our standard size submission package of a query letter, the first 10 pages, and an optional synopsis not to exceed 3 pages. The evaluation includes a second glance after revisions with additional suggested changes. Must be redeemed before the end of 2017.
**Coupon code is for a free eBook or 50% off a softcover book through our website for one of our current or upcoming titles.

What are the rules?

– Submission should include:
1. The story within the body of the email (no attachments please). The short story should not exceed 7,500 words.
2. One photograph that best depicts your short story (this can be attached as a jpeg or pasted in the body of the email). Photos will not be included in the final publication, but are just for fun.
3. A bio including previously published works.
4. Your contact information, including social media links if applicable.

– Submission should be emailed to submissions@fillesvertespublishing.com “Attn: Myra. Short Story Contest, TITLE.”

– There are no genre restrictions, but please keep all short stories in the YA or adult age group. There is no theme.

– The story can not be previously published or contain characters or stories that violate any previously instated contracts (i.e., sequels or prequels of works that impede on a current contract for publication, such as a “First Right/Opportunity to Refuse” clause.)

– The contest for printed short stories will be open from 09/25/2017 to 09/30/2017 11:59pm EST. No stories submitted before or after will be considered. Order of submissions received will not affect the status of acceptances or results.

– The finalists will be announced within the first thirty minutes of our facebook release party for the upcoming historical thriller, “Apricots and Wolfsbane” on Friday, October 13th. The winners will be announced within the first thirty minutes of our facebook release party for the upcoming adventure memoir, “Sail Cowabunga!” on Saturday, October 14th. Links to both of these events will be emailed to all participants as well as posted here on our website and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/fillesvertespub) and Twitter (@FillesVertesPub). Winners will also be emailed by Monday, October 16th.

For questions, please email Myra at Contact@fillesvertespublishing.com

Good luck!


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