Praise for Melissa Eskue Ousley

Can we just brag our debut author for a second?

Melissa Eskue Ousley was recently awarded a 5 star Reader’s Favorite review for her book Pitcher Plant: A Pacific Northwest Suspense! We’re so proud of her for her beautiful words, active solicitation of reviews, and hard work being the example author that the writer in us all strives to be. Please check out the full review here:

More Reviews:

“An old house with great bones and a lot of baggage. Haunting and creepy in all the right places and terrifying exactly where it should be. There is no monster more horrible than a real one!” –Lisa Reid, Owner, Lucy’s Books

“A fun read that combines a classic haunted house story with romance and a very creepy serial killer.” –Hester Young, author of The Gates of Evangeline and The Shimmering Road

“Melissa Eskue Ousley draws you into a drafty, old fixer-upper on the turbulent Oregon Coast with the perfect mix of creaking floors, creepy dolls, and mysterious footprints in the unfinished basement. She’s crafted a suspenseful page turner that harkens back to childhood ghost stories with a touch of paranormal that will keep you guessing!” –Kate Dyer-Seeley, author of Scene of the Climb

“Eskue Ousley skillfully weaves a tightly plotted tale with a memorable cast of characters, including an old house with secrets that won’t stay buried—a riveting read that will keep you up at night!”   –Marian McMahon Stanley, author of The Immaculate, a Rosaria O’Reilly mystery

“Seaside setting, haunted house (or is it?), creepy dolls-all the makings of a bewitching tale. Toss in a bit of romance and prepare to be up way too late, turning pages.” –Deb Vanasse, author of Cold Spell and Out of the Wilderness

Check out the articles she created with Book Daily:

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Eskue Ousley has also completed several articles with local presses about her work with Filles Vertes Publishing and her books:

May 2017 – Vol 18 – Issue 220


March 2017 – Vol 18 – Issue 218


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