#Pitmad #MSWL and Tips for Constructing the Perfect Pitch

Twitter pitch parties have been around for years, and why not? They’re fun, they’re challenging, and they can be effective. FVP has signed four authors from pitch parties, two from #PitMad. We will be actively favoriting pitches tomorrow; in other words, soliciting you to submit to us.

First, a few reminders:

  • Please research us here at Filles Vertes Publishing before submitting your query and sample chapter for our consideration. This goes for all small press, indie press, and agents who favorite your pitches. If you wouldn’t consider publishing with them/accepting their representation, take their favorite as a boost of confidence and save everyone a little time and energy by refraining to submit. It’s fine, we don’t take it personally. What is important is that you know what you want for your manuscript and your future as a writer.
  • Please also refrain from submitting to both small presses and agents simultaneously. If there is any confusion as to why, Google it and you’ll learn a plethora of reasons. Whatever you chose is fine, but again, understand which path you’d like to take in your writing career.
  • Follow all the submission guidelines listed on our submissions page. This should go without saying, but we receive a lot of emails asking if we’d be interested in seeing a submission. As long as it isn’t something we don’t accept (poetry, kids lit, previously published material, and novellas) and you think we’re a good fit, please just send us your package! If you send a precursory “do you want this?” email, you won’t likely receive a response. We’re too busy reading submissions.
  • If you would like to read about one of our author’s experience with us, check out this article HERE.
  • We will favorite pitches during the day and for a day or two after. Please don’t lose hope if you don’t see a favorite at all. That doesn’t mean your MS is no good, it’s just an over-saturated event and your pitch may not have been seen by the right editor/agent. Which brings me to my next point…
  • If we do not favorite your submission and you feel you would be a good fit for publishing with FVP, we encourage you to submit anyway. Between everyone on staff, we still won’t get through all the pitches. So feel free to submit to us at any time.
  • For more information on #PitMad (especially if you’re new) and to review ALL the rules, please visit Brenda Drake’s website HERE. Brenda is the creator and gracious host of this event and many others. If you’ve ever been blessed by her, I also encourage you to purchase one of her books. They’re fantastic!

Now, for some tips:

  • Character, setting, and hook are important components of a pitch. It’s a lot to squeeze into 140 characters (minus the hashtags, even!), but try.
    • “Ki thinks his road trip in a magic RV with other diverse kids is parent-appointed, until his face shows up on a milk carton #pitmad #MG #MR”
  • Leave out names if you need the space, pronouns work well.
    • “Bonding with other diverse kids in a magical airstream is a dream until he finds out he’s a missing person. #pitmad #MG #MR #DV”
  • If you can use comps correctly, it can be helpful. If you can’t find appropriate comps, or you just want to throw out best sellers to evoke the feeling that your book will do well in the marketplace, skip it. Your MS isn’t likely “HARRY POTTER meets FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.” It’s okay to use comps that aren’t books, btw.
    • “It’s Magic School Bus meets Addams Family when Ki boards an enchanted RV full of ‘weirdos’ like him who don’t know they’re missing  #pitmad”
  • Don’t forget that you’re allowed a few pitches, so differentiate them and keep one pinned to the top of your page for the day. If we are on the fence about your pitch, we’ll go directly to your page and look at your other pitches for clarification. If we can’t find them because they’re buried in an avalanche of retweets, we’ll move on.
  • Avoid using phrases like “my book is about…” and “it’s a story of…” That’s just too many extra characters.
  • If your tweet doesn’t fit, try a thesaurus.
  • Add hashtags for age group and genre if you have space. Here’s an extensive list:

And finally, our #MSWL:

  • Myra Fiacco would like to see: Romance, YA Contemporary (with or without mild elements of magic or fantasy; no epic fantasy, please), Adult Contemporary, Women’s fiction, and adventurous, inspirational, motivational, humorous, instructional, and/or Narrative Nonfiction.
  • C.L. Rose would like to see: Paranormal Romance (especially vampires, werewolves, and demons), YA Contemporary Romance, Steampunk Science Fiction, something involving drag queens, male-on-male Romance, old school Epic Fantasy (think LOTR), any fantasy with Greek/Roman or Egyptian gods, historical about Henry Tudor VII or VIII or Elizabeth I, MG Horror in the style of RL Stine’s Goosebumps.


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