Need Help with Your Submissions?

Let’s talk submissions…

Many of the submissions that come through our inbox are wonderfully done! C.L. Rose regularly does a #tenqueries on Twitter, and her insights are a true testament to the ratio of subs that we request. If you haven’t checked out her out on Twitter, I encourage you to start. CLICK HERE to find C.L. Rose on Twitter.

None of our subs, however, are perfect. And that’s okay! We know how challenging and daunting the process can be.

However, C.L. has recently created a blueprint for what we like to see in our inbox HERE. Whether you’re stuck in an endless cycle of query rewrites, or you think you have it down pat, check out her post, pass it along, and do your best.

Your best is all anyone should ask for, anyway.

Happy Writing;

Myra Fiacco

Owner/Acquisitions Editor