Our Growing Family

Happy Monday (and happy Spring!) to our publishing family, visitors, writers, and reading lovers alike!

If you haven’t seen our new authors, Janis Lasky Couvreux and Tracy Renee Wolfe, please check their bios out on the Author page. Please also support them by visiting their websites and social media pages. One aspect that continues to rev up my passion for the writing community is the overall inclusiveness and support for fellow writers. Whether you’re published or not, build the community around you. Not only will this lead to greater success in your own writing, book sales, and experiences, it generates a deeper compassion for others, a greater empathy for the craft of writing in all forms, and a richer linguistic and cultural understanding. Supporting the successes of others won’t dampen yours, so get on those email lists, like people on social media, and show some love!

FVP has been active on Twitter lately, specifically in doing #tenqueries to allow insight to our inbox. With a bundle of pitch parties approaching, look out for more #tenqueries. We will be favoriting pitches for #PitMad, which means that if we favorite your pitch, we would love to see it in our submissions box. Do your research on whether you would like to submit to FVP first (the FAQ Page is helpful if you’re on the fence), and follow the submission guidelines set out HERE.

If you have any questions, please comment below, email us at submissions@fillesvertespublishing.com, or find us on Twitter @FillesVertesPub

Have a great week!

Myra Fiacco

Owner/Acquisitions Editor