Welcoming the Team

Happy New Year!

If you follow our website with any consistency, you will have noticed a change in our Staff page, or rather, it’s birth. As the workload at FVP kicks into full swing, we’ve tasked all hands to comb through submissions, make offers of publication, prepare for design phases, assemble marketing packages, solidify contracts, and create sun dances to evoke warmer weather in FVP’s headquarters in the icy Northwest. We are reaching our goals on all fronts so far, save for magically thawing the arctic blast.

A few noteworthy items for January:

  • We’re caught up on submissions as of January 4th. If you’ve sub’d to FVP and you haven’t heard from us, please re-submit. If we have your full, we’re reading it by the fireplace.
  • With several offers of publication out, we anticipate the announcements of brilliant, newly-signed authors within the month. I’d let you sneak a glance behind the wizard’s curtain for more info, but it’s all emerald smoke and mirrors until we have official signatures.
  • We’ve welcomed a fantastic editorial intern to our team, Jerrica Reed (Find her on Twitter: @JerricaReed), and are currently seeking editorial and PR interns. Contact our acquisitions editor for details at clrose90@gmail.com.
  • We’d like to see more NF in our inbox!
  • If I can answer any questions, please hit me up at submissions@fillesvertespublishing.com, “ATTN: MYRA” in the subject line.

Have a terrific month and keep writing!

~Myra Fiacco