About FVP

Reading a good book can magically transport you to an alternate world. Writing a good book takes commitment, passion, and sacrifice in this world. Publishing your book should live somewhere between the two, snuggled in a world of growth and magic, where the boundaries of creativity can be pushed, and the roads of design and marketing can be traveled well.

At FVP, we understand that every author is different. You can insert a cliché about snowflakes right here if it makes you feel better. As a small press publishing company, our team can give direct attention to each of our author’s industry strengths and manage around their weaknesses. We will spend as much time with you as we need to, constructing an original publishing and marketing plan to cater to your unique style. While we handle the business side of publishing, involving you as much or as little as we collectively decide is needed and desired, you can concentrate on doing what you do best—writing.


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